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The internationally renowned Ensemble Resonance is continuing their exploration and arrangement of the music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann for instruments, with concerts in the US, Canada and France, and through the production and release of their 2nd CD, "II (Sessions 2003-2004)." Schadowrider Records released the Ensemble's first CD, "Resonance," in 2002.

Ensemble Resonance

Ensemble Resonance was formed when its members (from the US and France) met at a week long international music conference near San Francisco in June 2000. Recognizing that similar aims and ways of working were being pursued in both the American and French groups, they decided to join forces, blending together and benefiting from the richness of new instrumental combinations.

Since then, Ensemble Resonance has made several visits to both sides of the ocean, rehearsing, recording and concertizing, and each year their popularity grows. Their variety of programs and unique way of engaging the audience, drawing everyone into the process of music making, touches the range of human response from depth of feeling to downright fun.

More and more music lovers of all ages have been coming to enjoy the performances of Ensemble Resonance. They are attracted by the experience of live music making, world class performers and a first-hand glimpse into the workings of a small chamber ensemble: making arrangements, trying different combinations of instruments, and showing how musical decisions and choices are made. The hands-on, participatory moments of the concerts have been particularly popular, very alive and a real shared adventure for audiences and performers.

"Resonance," the Ensembles first CD, was made from recordings of their concerts at the Rochester Folk Art Guild in July 2000. A second CD, "II (Sessions 2003-2004)," was released May 1, 2005 is now available online.

The Ensemble's members, classically trained musicians with world-class experience and credentials, include: Christian Chanel, guitar; Marie Chanel-Vignon, guitar; Michael Hunter, piano; Herbert Lashner, oboe; Paul Schliffer, flute; and Matthew Shubin, bassoon.

Schadowrider News

New releases finally out!
12 Jun 2009
We're excited to announce that the two latest Schadowrider Records CD's have been released and are now available: "Reflections" by the Ensemble Resonance Trio, and "Latin Landscapes" by Lezcano, Schliffer & Shubin.
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2 new Schadowrider releases to be part of NYS Music Fund grant
11 Feb 2007
The Rochester Folk Art Guild announced on February 2, 2007, that it is the recipient of a grant from The New York State Music Fund for its 2007 Concert Series 'Legacies' and two new recordings produced from…
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Ensemble Resonance Concert
13 Oct 2006
Ensemble Resonance plays the music of Gurdjieff/De Hartmann on Sunday, October 29th at 3:00 pm, at The Rochester Folk Art Guild, 1445 Upper Hill Rd, Middlesex, NY. The full Ensemble Resonance, a blending of…
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Concert performances by members of Ensemble Resonance
19 Sep 2005
The Rochester Folk Art Guild and Schadowrider Records are pleased to announce two performances by members of the internationally renowned Ensemble Resonance - Michael Hunter (piano), Paul Schliffer (flute)…
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