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CD: $15. Latin Landscapes -- featuring the music of Jos Manuel Lezcano, with Jos Manuel Lezcano, guitar, Paul Schliffer, flute and Matthew Shubin, bassoon

Track Listing:
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  • 1. La Bella Cubana - Habanera (White)
  • 2. Adios Nonino (Piazzola)
  • 3. Diarios: Rumba Sn: A los Rumberos de RFAG
  • 4. Diarios: Fiestas Andinas
  • 5. Diarios: A Tourist in Central Park
  • 6. Diarios: Brasilierando!
  • 7. Bachianas Brasileiras #5: Aria (Villa-Lobos)
  • 8. Suite del Recuerdo (Merlin)
  • 9. Goyescas - Intermezzo (Granados)
  • 10. Alfonsina y el Mar (Ramirez/Luna)
  • 11. Sonata Tropical: Cancin de Madrugada
  • 12. Sonatina Tropical: En Clave de Sn
  • 13. Canao do Amor (Villa-Lobos/Vasconcelos)
  • 14. Homge to Toru Takemitsu
  • 15. Estudio de Charango (Anonymous)
  • 16. Cuban Sketches: Guaracha Nevada
  • 17. Cuban Sketches: Una Ventana de Estrellas (Bolero)
  • 18. Cuban Sketches: Miami Merengue

Latin Landscapes
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From the liner notes:

The music of Latin America has long appealed to audiences worldwide. With roots in Spanish, African,
and Indigenous peoples and cultures, Latin music is known for its soulful lyricism; propulsive, syncopated
dance-rhythms; and a deep connection to history, nostalgia, and tradition. Composers such as Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla, White, and Ramirez have inspired me to arrange the music on this disc for our trio of guitar, bassoon, and flute.

Starting in 1996 I began writing pieces to perform with classically trained friends and colleagues at
festivals in Ecuador, Peru, and Europe, and to reconnect with my Caribbean roots. Cuban Sketches was the first effort in this vein really a notated improvisation exploring Cuban folkloric styles.

Guaracha Nevada was written during a major New England snowstorm, Una Ventana is a romantic bolero in the style of a trio sonata, and Miami Merengue came to light while crawling through that citys famous traffic and listening to Dominican radio stations! Sonatina Tropical, of which Paul and I play two movements, uses a jazzier harmonic language but stays true to its Cuban-American roots. Homage to Takemitsu is a tribute to the Japanse composers film music.

Diarios (2007), a work inspired by my travels and musical enthusiasms, was commissioned through a
grant from the New York State Music Fund, and dedicated to the members of the Rochester Folk Art Guild especially to my wonderful colleagues, Matthew Shubin and Paul Schliffer. The opener, A los Rumberos
de RFAG, is built on the rumba, music from the Cuban city streets that features rich cross-rhythms and
syncopations. Andean Fiestas recalls my fieldwork in Ecuador and Peru. The quoted folksong, Ojos Azules
is played on flute, accompanied by simple harmonies on guitar and interjections from bassoon. A minimalist
middle section evokes competing bands and snatches of melody typical of ritual Andean music Reich meets
Ives at an Andean festival! A Tourist in Central Park opens with a tender theme on guitar in a Bill Evans vein, and the finale, Brasilierando!, laced with the double-bell pattern of Afro-Brazilian drumming, pays homage to the samba. A slow episode quotes Berceuse Campesina by the Cuban composer Alejandro Caturla (used nostalgically in Andy Garcias beautiful film The Lost City) before being rudely interrupted by the samba tune which drives relentlessly to the end.

Jos Manuel Lezcano

John Bent reviews "Latin Landscapes" for new millennium Guitar Publishing: "Before I proceed with any details, let me just say that this is one of the most beautiful guitar recordings I have ever heard. Everything about it works. The players are superb and joyous. The music is well chosen. Each composer is represented here, perhaps, at his best. As I cannot go into details with each track (as that would make this review too long), I will touch on the highlights."

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