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CD: $15. The first CD from the Ensemble Resonance Trio: "Reflections - Music Improvised by the Ensemble Resonance Trio of the Rochester Folk Art Guild."

Track Listing:
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  • 1. Sunrise Tuning
  • 2. Unfolding Question
  • 3. Passing Hail
  • 4. At the Overlook
  • 5. Warrior's Call
  • 6. Toward the Center
  • 7. Edge of Giving
  • 8. Gemini
  • 9. Crossing Point
  • 10. At Play
  • 11. Echoes
  • 12. Winding Way
  • 13. Interlude
  • 14. Journey
  • 15. Three Sketches
  • 16. Tall Man's Dance
  • 17. Invocation
  • 18. Moontide
  • 19. Departed Father
  • 20. Coming Home
  • 21. Hymn to the Earth

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From the liner notes:

* * * * * * *

Where can listening lead us when we are free of the written page?

What quality of listening is needed to improvise freely with others?

What do we need to keep and what do we need to let go as we abandon ourselves to the unknown?

Our project began with a wish to find ways to practice more sensitive listening and explore the essentials of music-making: tone, pitch, rhythm, tempo, etc. in our ensemble. A grant from the New York State Music Fund
made possible a concert series, which we called Legacies, plus several recording sessions. In the pieces that emerged, little or nothing was decided aheadat most a pitch center, mode, or combination of instruments.

There is not a single phrase here that we previously played, nor one which we subsequently repeated. In a way, it was like meeting each other for a conversation, with no pre-decided topic, and talking and listening at
the same time. We found that in many cases it took awhile for the improvisation to unfold, but more often than not, some small miracle would appear and surprise us all.

Listen carefully!

Matthew, Michael & Paul

Schadowrider News

New releases finally out!
12 Jun 2009
We're excited to announce that the two latest Schadowrider Records CD's have been released and are now available: "Reflections" by the Ensemble Resonance Trio, and "Latin Landscapes" by Lezcano, Schliffer & Shubin.
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2 new Schadowrider releases to be part of NYS Music Fund grant
11 Feb 2007
The Rochester Folk Art Guild announced on February 2, 2007, that it is the recipient of a grant from The New York State Music Fund for its 2007 Concert Series 'Legacies' and two new recordings produced from…
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Ensemble Resonance Concert
13 Oct 2006
Ensemble Resonance plays the music of Gurdjieff/De Hartmann on Sunday, October 29th at 3:00 pm, at The Rochester Folk Art Guild, 1445 Upper Hill Rd, Middlesex, NY. The full Ensemble Resonance, a blending of…
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Concert performances by members of Ensemble Resonance
19 Sep 2005
The Rochester Folk Art Guild and Schadowrider Records are pleased to announce two performances by members of the internationally renowned Ensemble Resonance - Michael Hunter (piano), Paul Schliffer (flute)…
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